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Exciting New E-book Reveals The Information Every Entertainer Or Entertainment Business Owner Should Know To Benefit From Press & Media Coverage
Have you ever wanted your performance or entertainment business to be featured on Television, Radio, Newspapers, or Magazines?

Do you ever wonder why it seems the same entertainers get featured in the media and others don’t?

Do you think media coverage could help your performing or entertainment business?

The truth is, press and media coverage can be a great benefit and asset to any performer or entertainment business, offering many different rewards. These benefits and rewards are available to any performer, speaker, or entertainment business, including yours!
Every day each and every one of us is influenced by the media. Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet are among the most popular and influential media formats.

The press and media help inform, educate, entertain and influence what we think about, accept, and believe. They influence us to create our own thoughts, insights, and opinions based on their input to our consciousness.

The media is powerful. It is authoritative. Most of all, the media is persuasive, influential, and credible. In today’s world, the media creates authoritativeness, perspective, and credibility.

However, in a much bigger picture, the media is also a business tool, a resource, and an opportunity for business. Press & media are tools that every entertainer on any level can utilize.

The press and media are areas that can be highly beneficial to any entertainer and entertainment business when understood and properly utilized. There are many benefits to the entertainer that can help to position, grow and offer credibility to your entertainment business. The press and media can be one of the most unique, powerful, and fascinating resources available to entertainers.
So what does all of this mean for us as performers and entertainment business owners and operators? It means that we need to learn several things.

-First, is to realize and understand how the press and media can offer a variety of benefits and value to your entertainment business

-Next, is how to utilize the opportunities that are offered by the press and media in ways that directly benefit your business

-Finally and most importantly is how to monetize these benefits and opportunities to create positioning, customers, bookings, sales, and revenue

In short, how to take advantage of the press and media in as many ways as possible to benefit and create value to your business.
Press & Media For Entertainers pulls back the curtain and reveals the information you need to know to understand and utilize press and media for your business. Much of this information is closely-guarded industry secrets not easily obtained or understood by the live entertainment or speaking communities.

This is for performers and entertainers of all levels - part-time or full-time, kids/family performers, corporate performers, speakers, celebrity performers, and performers of all types, semi-professionals or pros.

Press & Media For Entertainers uncovers the many misconceptions about press & media. It separates fact from common belief and provides professional insight into the real world inner-workings of obtaining press and media coverage for your performance or business.

You will learn the exact process to understand and utilize press and media coverage for yourself. You’ll learn and understand the step-by-step process that is not commonly available to most entertainer's industries.

Press & Media For Entertainers is written from a very unique perspective from an industry insider who was both a press & media specialist for over two decades, as well as being a national touring headlining performer and operating in almost every aspect of professional entertainment. The insights and perspectives are unique and unparalleled. 

Much of this information has never been published or presented in such easy to understand, easy to apply accessibility.

Press & Media For Entertainers - A Guide To Creating Press Releases For Media Marketing & Promotion is the first release in the Entertainment Success Series of professional resources for entertainers and entertainment business owners.

This book covers detailed information and education about how entertainers of all levels can utilize Press & Media, including:

  • Understanding The Press & Media
  • Common Misperceptions About The Press & Media
  • What Is A Press Release & How Is It Used?
  • Press Release Formats
  • Creating A Press Release
  • Sample Press Releases
  • Using Press Releases To Gain Media Attention & Feature Appearances
  • Becoming Media-Ready
  • Preparing For Media Success
  • What It Takes To Be A Good Media Guest
  • Tips On Being A Great Media Guest
  • Preparation & Practice For Media Appearances
  • How To Benefit From Your Media Appearances
  • Performing In Your Media Appearances
  • Taking Advantage Of & Monetizing Your Media Appearances
  • Going Viral
  • 40 Ways To Benefit From Media Appearances
  • And A Variety Of Forms, Samples, Industry Terms, Media Insight
  • & Much More

It is a 136-page professional resource e-book and the price is only $49.95.

Never before has such a professional resource been available on this topic offering the precise information to dominate the press and media in your marketplace and position your business to its maximum potential.

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