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Thank You For Visiting The Entertainment Business Center - Your Source For Professional Entertainment Industry Resources

Welcome to the Entertainment Business Center. This special site was created for our personal coaching students, consulting clients and special industry events and resources that we've been featured in to offer our professional entertainment industry resources specifically to performers and entertainment business owners.
The professional resources featured on this site are being offered only through this website at a special discount price of approx. 33% of the regular pricing.
We have created these entertainment industry-specific resources to assist you in the education, operation and growth of your performing and entertainment business, whether as a beginner just starting out, or as a longtime working pro looking to take their operations and business to the next level. The products featured on this site are not simply ebooks, books or courses, but professional entertainment industry trade resources directly applicable to performers, entertainers and all types of entertainment business owners and operators.
We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone, at any time, for any reason. These resources are not made available to the mass public in our effort to maintain awareness and control of who our professional resources are being made availabe to. It is agreed upon purchase that these products are not to be copied, resold or listed on Ebay or any other auction, classified or resale sites or venues. Purchasers must order under their actual personal or business name. Purchasing any resources from this site constitues agreement of these terms and conditions. Any sales made under false representation and pretense will be a violation of these terms and agreement and will result in purchaser being prohibited from any future sales, special offers, discount pricing, and access to any further releases, products and services.
If you are at this webste you've either been invited or have been diretced here through some promotional efforts on our behalf. Enjoy yourself, look around and open your mind to a deeper level of entertainment business operations. We are confident that you will find some excellent entertainment industry resources and learnng tools, most with insight and content unavailable elsewhere, that can directly benefit you and your entertainment business for years to come.
We look forward to being part of your success!


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